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Late Banner is an agency who can purchase online display campaigns on some of the internet’s leading websites. You’ll have peace of mind by knowing in advance exactly what content your banners will be next to, as well as the quality of the audience reached.

Mass Coverage

Our run-of-network campaigns provide maximum coverage for your budget. Benefit from purchasing massive qualities of banner advertising merely by relaxing the targeting criteria of your campaign. It is a highly effective way of driving traffic to your site.

Selective Targeting

Programmatic technology allows banner campaigns to be fine-tuned to reach the most select audiences. All manner of targeting criteria can be used ranging from industry standard demographics to selecting users considering making a particular purchase.


One of the most popular techniques for encouraging re-engagement with visitors who have already expressed an interest in your site. Suits businesses which are offering products or services which involve more or a considered purchase. Get more info

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Little Asians – a must  see anyone who comes across banners in the UK. Being a professional or just starting it doesn’t matter as long as you see what’s trending in the Web today. RE-Targeting, Mass Coverage all these secret words need to be known by you.

This video series focuses on slim asian girls, with bee-like waists and small tits. It’s not easy to explain by words, but you know what we are talking about once you see girls presented there.

amazon is a Fortune 500 company that was born on May 28, 1996. Amazon operates out of Seattle, WA as one of the largest and the best online trading companies. As consumers began to rely on the internet more, Amazon provided sellers with an outlet for the commercialism of their products.

Unknown-24 is a leading fashion & lifestyle website reflecting the values of its ever popular magazine brand. Elle has unparalleled access to world-renowned designers. Its website is sexy, stylish and spirited; inspiring visitors to celebrate their individuality and create their own style. Various ad banner formats available.

Unknown-21 is an award-winning website attracting more than 26 million unique visitors a month. It offers advertisers best-in-class high quality and original content. The website captivates a passionate audience of digital consumers with on-demand news, photography, and video. It is ideal for reaching high worth individuals.


Country Livings UK website attracts a growing audience seeking to escape of the rigours of everyday life. It covers home decoration and interior design, food, family and entertaining. The website provides a unique, insightful and engaging content. Late banner ad opportunities to reach this affluent audience are often available.


Guardian users are affluent, young urban consumers with a keen sense of adventure when it comes to trying new products and experiences. They have varied interests and their high disposable incomes give them the means to keep up with their sports, hobbies and travel. Banner advertising in a variety of formats are available.


Cosmopolitan is an extraordinary magazine with an amazingly close relationship with its readers. They are fun and fashionable, intensely loyal and love discovering new things. Cosmopolitan readers spend the most amount of money on fashion than any other title in the market. A?1 in every A?14 spent on fashion is from the purse of a Cosmo reader.


The Telegraph audience can be summarised in four words: Affluent, Loyal, Influential and Elusive. Response-orientated advertisers appreciate the spending power of this ABC1 demographic audience especially those who are aiming at the upper end of their respective markets. It is a natural marketplace for premium priced goods and services.

Unknown-26 one of the most powerful and popular sites in the UK to search for online casinos UK. Interesting and authoritative reviews, a large selection of games.